My second experience as an art director, storyteller and illustrator of animation project. Great thanks to PRAND's guys for an animation part. I couldn't imagine my characters could be so alive and move so funny. 
We were approached to make promotion video for Petrovich Brothers studio. This is a company which provides video content for screens. The owners are two brothers Arseniy and Artyom so we decided tell the story through two characters with letter «a» branding. The purpose of the animation was to show that video screens are important for exhibitions and can help to grow audience. Also we tried to show main steps of production such as: 1.Collect information 2.Think over the script 3.Design and 4.Voicing the finished video.

Idea: Anya Derevyanko
Direction: Anya Derevyanko / Andrey Nesterov
Design: Anya Derevyanko
Animation: Andrey Nesterov / Nadya Minakova / Diana Prota / Danya Svetlov / Gleb Andrushin / Arin Khoroshun
Sound Design: Alexander Maslyuk
Сlient: Petrovich Brothers Studio
— 2019