Animation project in which I participated as an illustrator in 2019. The Ivolga (named after «иволга» bird, e.g. Eurasian golden oriole) is an electric multiple unit passenger train. Since November 2019, Ivolga trains operated on lines 1 and 2 of the MCD, which connect Odintsovo and Lobnya, Nakhabino and Podolsk. Our goal was to show new features like system for maintaining temperature, cleaning and air disinfection, door adapted for people with limited mobility, spacious toilets, USB connectors for charging gadgets in each carriage, Wi-Fi and bicycle racks.

Studio: Prand  
Idea: Andrey Nesterov / Nadya Minakova
Direction: Andrey Nesterov / Anya Derevyanko
Design: Anya Derevyanko /  Nadya Melnikova
Animation: Nadya Minakova / Diana Prota / Andrey Nesterov / Gleb Andrushin / Danya Svetlov
Sound design: Alexander Maslyuk