I had a chance to participate in a collaborative project SAY IT, WEAR IT. It was curated by my ex design studio ILLO as a part of the Ladies, Wine & Design initiative series of events inspired by the NYC-based designer Jessica Walsh with the aim of empowering women working in the creative business.
The truth is I was quite far from the idea of project, but wanted to participate. I knew nothing. But if you want to draw something conscious you can’t do it without understanding the topic 🙂 So I started to ask my woman friends, read smth and watch and than shared ideas and discuss. Thank you girls ! My idea didn’t win and it will be not animated or printed but I am glad that I had a chance to think about. Good opportunity. I hope people will be kind and will help each other regardless of gender.

By the way my idea was to show that support and acceptance of others empowers woman to reach her goals, to became a better version of herself in a creative business or in a human sense. Help her to believe and follow. If I will describe the woman who will wear such a patten she is curios, active, ambition, non-stop life learner. She moves in her temp and she is not alone in her way up.

— 2019